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$1.00 Price

For example product price 107.5 then u buy 108 quantity 1$. if product price 107.5$ sales tax 4.5$ us shipping 7.5$ total is 119.5$ then you need buy 120 quantity 1$ result is 120$

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China to Suriname sea freight

$50.00 Price

This price includes package collection, repackaging service fee, sea freight

This item is use as sea freight payment-only ,if you shippd 5KG add 5 times to cart.

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Netherlands to Suriname

$15.00 Price

The Price is cost per kilogram, the actual weight or volume weight of the package. If the volume ratio of the package is greater than the weight, then the volume fee will be charged.

EMS Express

$0.00 Price

EMS is an international postal Express Mail Service, for documents and merchandise.