Intelligent Pulse Repair Charger RJ- C121001A
  • Intelligent Pulse Repair Charger RJ- C121001A
  • Intelligent Pulse Repair Charger RJ- C121001A

Intelligent Pulse Repair Charger RJ- C121001A

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7-Stage Automatic Smart 12V 10A - 24V 5A

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  • LCD screen
  • Fully automatic operating system
  • Short circuit protection
  • Polarity reverse circuit protection
  • Automatic voltage stabilisation
  • This charger is also suitable to help restore drained and sulphated lead acid batteries. 
  • Switch between dry battery and wet battery

This is a fully automatic battery repair charger with 7 charge stages. Automatic charging protects your battery from being overcharged. So you can leave the charger connected to the battery indefinitely.

LCD digital display voltage, current, temperature, battery capacity in real time, convenient to read.

Intelligent adjustment of current and voltage, automatically stop input current after full charged.

3 Stages charging: constant current charging, constant voltage charging, float charging.

Pre-charging mode, adopts single-chip microcomputer (MCU) intelligent charging technology to activate, repair and prolong battery life.

Pure copper transformer, stable output, high conversion rate, energy saving, large capacity, etc.

Wet and dry battery type switch, usually 0AH to 60AH is dry battery, over 60AH is wet battery.

With overheat protection, output short circuit protection, reverse output protection, output overvoltage protection, etc.

The shell is made of ABS flame retardant material, insulation, flame retardant, high temperature.


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Data sheet

DC 12V-10A /24V-5A
AC 110-220V / 50-60Hz
Scope of application
12V 2Ah-150Ah Lead-acid battery (Lithium battery is prohibited)
24V 2Ah-100Ah Lead-acid battery (Lithium battery is prohibited)
Output Line Length
65 cm
Input Line Length
90 cm
Output Voltage
Voltage Automatic Compensation
-15 °C~45 °C
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