1:Contact info 

  • Whatsapp number :00597-8777779
  • Email address :23@parabuy.com

2:China Purchase

  • Most products origanl produce by China factory , Big bussiness fly to China purchase from factory drirct .
  • We service is small business who has language different, travel cost high,and trade security ,all this not easy to pruchase by yourself ,
  • we provide pruchase and freight whole service.
  • This total cost should be little higher than price China factory qotation,
  • but this whole purchase service will be best solution for most small  business .

3:Purcase info request

  • products website link
  • products photos
  • products model name and other detail
  • purchase quantity 
  • contact email and mobile phone with whatsapp 

4:Purchase payment 

  • Suriname lock bank transfer to our company account 

5:finnal check or refund 

6:Air Freight /Sea Freight 

7:  Delivery

  • Most Suriname area able to delivery 
  • Pickup at paramaribo loaction