Download the parabuy app on the Google and Apple app stores


The mobile phone is Android without Google Play Store, you can click this link to download,


Select Login/Register in the application information


Choose to register now


Enter your real first and last name, your email


If you don't have one, use your (mobile as your login email


Confirmed OK Now agree to the registration confirmation box and finally click Register in the upper right corner.


Login, enter your email address, enter your registration password, please be aware of case and punctuation


Select Shipping Address - Add Shipping Address in Info - My Profile


Enter the country you are in, the provinces/states/regions will be automatically displayed for you to choose, fill in the city, and the detailed address must be accurate to the house number (if you do not write the house number, it is easy to be unable to send and return)


your contact mobile number


The company name is left to the company users to fill in, and most people do not need to fill in


The name of the delivery address remark is to fill in your own remarks for this address, such as grandma's address, uncle's address, friend's address, so that you can choose a different delivery address when shopping.


The customer support station is not real-time, you can leave a message if you are not in a hurry.


Customer support whatspp is foreign language support English, Dutch, Suriname, if you can speak Suriname, you can contact us directly, it will take time to convert to Chinese.