suriname pos system,Suriname BTW VAT,BTW,VAT,Paramaribo BTW VAT
  • suriname pos system,Suriname BTW VAT,BTW,VAT,Paramaribo BTW VAT
  • suriname pos system,Suriname BTW VAT,BTW,VAT,Paramaribo BTW VAT

POS Sales Management System solution

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Language support: Dutch, Chinese,, English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, 

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Multilingual Sales System S12 is a comprehensive management software with complete functions, simple use and convenient maintenance. After more than ten years of practice and improvement, the software interface is intuitive and in line with the operation habits of the public. It integrates the comprehensive integrated system management functions of commodity management, purchase management, warehouse management, financial management, member management, wholesale management, retail management, promotion management, etc., and is widely used in various large and small supermarkets, chain convenience stores, stationery stores, tobacco and alcohol stores, and cosmetics stores , maternal and infant products store, fruit and vegetable monopoly store, daily necessities, etc.

Software function module introduction

Basic functions: commodity data management, customer file management, supplier file management, warehouse management, inventory management, shelf label printing, barcode printing

Member management: member files, member stored value, member points, member consumption report

Purchase management: purchase order, purchase, purchase return, purchase payment

Wholesale management: sales order, sales shipment, customer collection, sales report

Warehouse management: inventory management, inventory management, warehouse transfer

Financial management: vendor a / P, purchase payment, customer collection, expense, expense income, vendor reconciliation table

Retail Management: sales, discount, discount, return, bill, charge, money box, shift handover, reprint, online sales, offline sales, customer display

Report analysis: Sales grouping report, sales summary report, sales daily report, sales details report, cash receipt summary report, purchase summary report, purchase details report, wholesale summary report, wholesale details Report

System management: parameter setting, authority management, user management, database backup, data clearing

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