Restaurant POS System solution
  • Restaurant POS System solution
  • Restaurant POS System solution

Restaurant POS System solution

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Application Industry: restaurant, fast food restaurant, coffee and milk tea shop, hot pot shop, characteristic leisure Restaurant

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 Multilingual Restaurant cash register system is an excellent ordering software widely used in the catering industry. The software interface is generous and intuitive, with complete functions. It can operate at will without keyboard and mouse on the touch screen cash register. The software supports fast-food mode, restaurant opening mode, real-time order through the kitchen after the front desk order, support one product, multi unit and multi price, support package, free combination package, support free choice of taste and practice, support Android Tablet wireless mobile order, etc. The software can be applied to fast food restaurants, restaurants, milk tea shops, tea restaurants, coffee shops, bars, etc.


        S12.5 is the latest version upgraded on the basis of s12.16. It provides richer language support on the multi language display. At the same time, when changing the language, you do not need to modify the language of the operating system, that is, whether you are an English system, a Chinese system, or an Arab system, s12.5 can freely choose any language, not to change the language It's messy.

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